This face belongs on the tizzube!!

In this very moment I’m king
In this very moment I slayed Goliath with a sling
This very moment I bring
put it on everything, that I will retire with the ring
and I will retire with the crown, Yes
no I’m not lucky I’m blessed, Yes
clap for the heavyweight champ, Me
but I couldn’t do it all alone, We…
I wish that I could have this moment 4 life, Cause In this moment, i just feel so alive! -Nicki Minaj

How cool is THIS!?!?

Have you ever had a “this is too good to be true” moment? When everything all seems to line up perfectly, and you experience something you never even imagined?? Well, March 23rd, 2011 was a “Moment 4 Life” day for me. I just kept thinking to myself somebody pinch me!! There was I, pulling out of Union Station on the 8:05am Acela train to NYC, on my way to NBC Studios to be a guest on the Dr. Oz show. Dr. Mehmet Oz, as in the FINE famous doctor that knows Oprah!!! LOL. The guy who talks about health and wellness, and today was the day I will meet him in the flesh!! I was amazed at how it all came about. Only God can orchestrate something like this…this is how it all went down.

Monday, March 21st started out as a normal day. I had an 8:30am doctor’s appointment to get my annual BSGI test(more on that later), so the night before I asked my friend Tekeah if she could accompany me since I have learned the hard lesson of going alone to get tests ran. (Very bad idea!) At 7:35am I got a phone call from the doctor’s office. They informed me that the Dr. Oz show was interviewing one of the doctors at GW, and would I mind if they recorded me having my test administered. Uummm, are you kidding? SIGN ME UP! Then I quickly thought, wait, will my boobs be blurred out? Once they assured me they would, I was all systems go! Then I panicked. Oh no, I have to change my outfit, I’m going to be on TV!!! LAWD! So I raided my closet to find a cuter ‘fit, then scurried out the door to the metro. Then it happened. The stupid blue line was delayed, again. I sat on the train almost in tears!! I let Tekeah know that I was trapped on the train, and to let the doctor know I was going to be late. I nervously sprinted into the office at 8:55am, hoping I didn’t blow my opportunity. But lo and behold, the cameramen were also running behind schedule, so they were no longer going to record me. I was slightly disappointed but also relieved because I hadn’t put any makeup on yet. My test results came back normal (YES! look Ma, no lumps!) and I went about my day as normal.

Then, Tuesday afternoon I saw I had a missed call from GW. When I first saw the number on my caller ID, my stomach turned. “Aww man, do they want me to come back in for more tests? Did they further review my films and see ‘something’? I was reluctant to check my voicemail but I chucked the fear to the side and hit them back. The doctor informed me that the Dr. Oz show was looking for a person that benefited from the advanced imaging technology and I fit the bill! They would put me on the first train smoking to NYC the next morning to tape the show! WHAT! HECK YEH! Siced is an understatement; I think I ran and clicked my heels mid-air!! How exciting! Man God, this is AWESOME!! Thanks homie! *doublefistpump* The previous year, the BSGI (Breast Specific Gamma Imaging) test had detected a lump in my left breast, which was undetectable on the mammogram. This year, the BSGI test was taking me to Dr. Oz….funny how things work together 😉

So I made it to NYC, was picked up by a chauffeur (how fly is that) and headed to30 ROCK. My sissie Tekeah came along for the ride, last minute expensive train ticket and ALL! Great friends are priceless! As we were being escorted to the Green Room, and we see that Dr. Oz’s studio is directly across from Jimmy Fallon!! MAN! Can we go meet The Roots pleeeaaassseee?? LOL! For the next 2 hours, I went to hair and makeup, had my clothes steamed, went over what I would say with a producer, got mic’ed, and tried my best to remain calm. Then it was showtime! I walked on to the set feeling like a cancerlebrity! Oh the bright lights, the cameras, the audience. I prayed as I waited in my front row seat, Lord just give me the words to say, take the nerves away, and let You get all the glory out of this experience! Let my story help someone else’s life!!

Yes, I was pressed to take my own pic in hair & makeup! lol

It all happened so fast. My segment was finally up, and Dr. Oz glided towards me and held my hands as I spoke about my experience. Then after a few minutes, it was over! WHEW! I did it!! In that moment I felt like I dropped kicked cancer in the face! Once and for all! Take that sucka!! You thought you were going to bring me down, but God had another plan in mind! *insert praise break*

Showtime BABY!

That night, as I headed back to DC on the train, I cried. But they were tears of joy; this was yet another lesson in how God turns tragedy into triumph. God knows the desires of my heart, and one of them is to help and encourage others who are affected by or experiencing what I have been through. Being on the show is bigger than meeting Dr. Oz or having 3 minutes of fame; it’s actually not about me at all. I view myself as a vessel to help spread the truth. I want others to truly know they are not alone, and help to remove the stigma of fear associated with cancer, or any other disease for that matter. You can thrive and live a victorious life, despite the curveballs you’re thrown! God has a plan for you, and as long as you follow His lead, He will continue to elevate you beyond your wildest dreams! I’m living proof :-)…

Romans 8:28 (The Message)

That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.


5 thoughts on “This face belongs on the tizzube!!

  1. awesome awesome awesome…wee hee this is just the beginning!! wow…woo so caught up right now I can’t even type God is just awesome and to know you are a living and breathing prayer that will be a light to others and so on and so on!! wow hope you got your travelin shoes on!!

  2. AWESOME testimony and confirmation that Everything happens for a reason and in accordance with God’s purpose and plan. We must stand faithful and fearless of all obstacles life throws our way. This was just one more door, in a series, that He has and will continue to open, as you walk your path towards your destiny. SOOOO proud of you!!

  3. Thats is rexcellent. All you have to do is have faith, remain positive, and ultimately in the end everything will work out. This is a great article Shelley…..hopefully it gives other women that might be going through a similar situation, a positive outlook on life.

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