The Heart of the Matter…

“And teach them to love one another, that Heaven might find a place in their hearts“- The Commodores “Jesus is Love”

Yesterday, I saw my heart. Cleary displayed on a 12-inch screen in all it’s shining glory. It was absolutely stunning. I heard its rhythmic beat patterns. For a moment I closed my eyes and imagined I was underwater in the warm ocean, that I went to the ocean floor, and found a pretty shell and put my ear to it. I smiled as a sense of peace and calm blanketed me. I knew He was there. It wasn’t just me and the cardiology technician in that room. As the technician rolled the sonogram wand over, under and around my left breast, I asked him to explain the different images on the screen. He dropped alot of words I had never even heard, but it made me feel enlightened and special. The pure function of the heart made me realize in an instant that God really loves us. Though my left breast has taken a blow, my heart is unaffected. 

Watching my heart on the screen made me ponder about what else is in there…is there any hurt, unforgiveness, bitterness? I wish that echocardiogram could reveal to me the emotional junk that lies within, but after 64 captured images, it revealed only valves, arteries and veins. I left the doctor’s office yearning to know more about what’s in that heart of mine.

Hearts are supposed to represent love, but for many of us it represents broken-ness, hurt, shame, fear. I pray that God reveals to us and brings to surface everything that in hindering our hearts from operating at its fullest capacity. I want a heart full of agape love, happiness, unspeakable joy, peace and abundance. Trust that God has the ability to mend any area that needs to be repaired. He’s the ultimate lover…..

Psalm 147:3 (New International Version)
He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds.




7 thoughts on “The Heart of the Matter…

  1. My beautiful B! This was a beautiful read and it made me think of my beautiful heart that works so hard for me. Thank u for reminding me to cherish the beauty on the inside that God created me with.

  2. Frolicker…this is an awesome blog and it made me think about what I’m about to do and how all the things that could very well be clogging my arteries, blocking the nutrients from getting through. I mean this all figuratively speaking of course. When you get to “the heart of the matter” we’ve all got some cleansing to do. Believe it or not I started last night and your blog is confirmation that I need to continue. God Bless!

  3. That is wonderful – beautifully written! I feel like I need to go to the alter!!! I’m so glad you shared 🙂

  4. Shelly! This was BEAUTIFUL and introspective..Wow, this blog feels like a devotional to me. What’s in our heartS, Lord?
    I can’t stop reading your blogs. Know that you are not alone – I feel a personal connection in many ways. We may not see eachother often, but know that you’ve got a friend in me and somebody praying for you. You are a Beautiful Survivor!! Let me continue reading (can’t STOP!)…

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